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Fundamental difference to other ECM approaches is the lean architecture of the KGS solution!

Peter Pollich, IT Infrastructure & Application Management, Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH


The products of KGS are powerful, comfortable, robust and have proven themselves.

Axel Dunkhorst. IT Leiter, BORSIG GmbH


Telling arguments for KGS were the extremely lean and agile solution.

Philip von Melle, Geschäftsführer, Globetrotter

"With the migration software of KGS a seamless transition from the old to the new archive was possible. The users have not noticed the migration. "

Oliver Fischer, IT-Leiter der Loewe Technologies GmbH

KGS DocumentRouter

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KGS DocumentRouter for the harnessing of documents of different sources in SAP.

The KGS DocumentRouter, allows harnessing of documents from various sources (scan-, fax-, e-mail- or file-systems, external output management systems or legacy systems) to SAP. Furthermore, the KGS DocumentRouter supports all SAP storage scenarios, including early archiving and late archiving via barcodes. It archives documents in all ArchiveLink-conform archive systems and creates a link to SAP business objects. The software runs on all Java-compliant hardware and operating system platforms, supports all SAP modules, and can also fill the SAP DMS (Document Management System) with documents from external sources.

The KGS Document Router is ideal for bulk importing of large amounts of data from external sources to SAP. It then transports these via the upload process through a predetermined logic into the target system where they are then linked up with the SAP business objects. Communication with SAP takes place via the standardized SAP ArchiveLink ™ interface.

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Product Features

  • Middleware for importing documents from any source to SAP
  • Fully automatic linkage with SAP business objects
  • Communication via standard SAP ArchiveLink ™ interface
  • Processing of any document formats
  • Document conversion to single formats such as PDF available
  • Simultaneous recognition of barcodes and transfer to SAP
  • Runs on all Java-compliant hardware and operating system platforms
  • Possible operation as a pure server application
  • Integration into DVS and KPro
  • Simple asynchronous coupling of existing software solutions to SAP

Product Benefits

  • Scalable, tried and tested, and also suitable for very large volumes of documents
  • Universally configurable to any input formats
  • Independent of the archive system in use
  • Supports customer-specific object links
  • Supports all SAP storage scenarios
  • Conversion option for different image formats to PDF/A
  • Central monitoring and minimal administrative effort

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