KGS ContentServer4Storage

KGS ContentServer4Storage is a high-performance archive, which was developed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving. As a lean solution, it enables legally compliant archiving of data, print lists and documents, using SAP's standard interface ArchiveLink ™ as well as BC-ILM.

Although it was originally designed specifically for the needs of SAP archiving, it is now a unique archiving solution which also meets the highest performance requirements. The seamless integration into SAP standards makes extensive rollouts of client components unnecessary.

For example, for document viewing, one does not have to leave the familiar application environment since the existing SAP document viewer is being used. In addition to the deep integration into the SAP landscape, the KGS ContentServer4Storage also creates a full integration to existing storage and HSM solutions and can run on any operating system. The existing server and storage infrastructure can therefore be used and additional investments for the purpose of archiving are not necessary.

In combination with other KGS products (KGS DocumentRouter, KGS ZADOC, KGS Scan, etc.) the KGS ContentServer4Storage forms the basis for an efficient, modern and SAP-centric ECM-/DMS-System.



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Technical Features

  • Universal platform-independent archiving solution for archiving of any content
  • Communication via standard SAP ArchiveLink ™ interface and SAP BC-ILM interface
  • High-performance management of large documents and amounts of data
  • OS independent
  • Administration with basic SAP knowledge
  • Certification for SAP ArchiveLink ™ 6.20 (including load test) and for SAP Information Lifecycle Management (BC-ILM 3.1)

Product Benefits

  • No additional archive and database servers required
  • Supports all archiving scenarios
  • Supports all system platforms
  • Supports all SAP releases as of 4.5B
  • Documents are displayed via SAP standard functions
  • No additional client components required
  • Supports qualified digital mass signatures for legally compliant archiving
  • Easily scalable
  • Minimal administrative effort
  • Expandable with additional KGS products for ECM-/DMS-Systems based on SAP