This free tia®2go Edition is the ‘little sister’ of the tia® Content Server. With the Community Edition, it takes just a few clicks to set up your high-performance archive for SAP documents.




Free of charge with no strings attached – simply download, install and use the Community Edition as a basic archive or in the pro configuration.


The term of use is unlimited, and installation does not result in a subscription. You can permanently use the edition as installed.

legally compliant

The Community Edition complies with legal requirements just as much as any other kgs product. After proper installation, it can be used for legally compliant archiving.

1. Full support of the ArchiveLink interface including extended CSADMIN functions

2. Use of up to a maximum of two content repositories

3. Choice between file system- and S3-based storage

4.  UI5-based app for configuring the repositories

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Simply fill out the form below and confirm the link in the e-mail to initiate the member process. You will receive your login and download data right away.

You will receive an e-mail from ‘kgs Webmasters’, which will include the download link and information on where to find the installation guide and tutorials. Now you’re ready to deploy, configure and discover tia®2go on your own.

Coffee2go is great – but if no one brings you sugar, you need to know where to get it yourself to enjoy a sweet experience: The kgs video tutorials and community provide guidance, help and allow you to discuss all aspects of tia®2go – be sure to join now!

The kgs community is a large network for the exchange of experience on the subject of archiving, SAP, current market trends, best-practice sharing, learning or when you need external help with a problem. Above all, however, it acts as a safety net and the XL support team for all questions regarding the tia® Community Edition.

tia®2go is a fully comprehensive solution that can be used independently for an unlimited period of time. You can smoothly upgrade to the fee-based tia® Content Server or other modules of the tia® product range at any time without losing any data and without having to start ‘at square one’. If you want to upgrade, consider a transparent subscription model, which opens the world to more sophisticated archiving and delivers many benefits to small and large organizations alike. And if you have any questions regarding upgrades, get quick answers by sending us a non-binding inquiry via the contact form. We hope you enjoy testing, discussing, using and upgrading tia! Your kgs team