KGS Activator

The KGS Activator is an application-independent product for document and data transfer to SAP. It can easily be integrated into any application via the API without SAP expertise and allows instant adjustment of acquired data with the SAP system.

Whether scanned paper documents, fax or e-mail – information of such source must regularly be validated against master data in the SAP system; header and/or position data as metadata of a paper invoice which is captured by a scanner. By using the KGS Activator as a link between SAP and the leading application, data can already be transferred to SAP, during the capturing process, where it is then available for transaction processing (e.g. FB60 or MIRO). Depending on the quality and amount of metadata, "background processing” is possible without having to start an SAP workflow.

Thus, an online synchronization with a stored model structure is possible and validation may automatically take place as part of the capturing process. Also, the downloading of data (e.g. purchase order line items) can be easily realized with the KGS Activator.

The KGS Activator is ideal in cases where systems other than SAP, for example for invoice processing, are in use.

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Technical Features

  • Product for document and data transfer to SAP
  • Compatible with all SAP ArchiveLink ™ certified archiving systems
  • Available as COM (Windows) and Java implementation
  • Direct data transfer to many SAP transactions
  • Supports SAP Business Workflow
  • Easy-to-integrate API (Ideal for scanning-, OCR-, email-, or legacy systems)

Product Benefits

  • No knowledge of SAP integration necessary
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Coupling of external workflow systems with SAP
  • Connects legacy systems to SAP
  • Integration of scanning solutions possible