KGS Migration4ArchiveLink

KGS Migration4ArchiveLink is software designed for easy and controlled document data migrations for SAP archives. Document migrations are a necessity since the introduction of electronic archiving. In all situations where it becomes necessary to switch storage systems / media or when entire archive systems have to be replaced, a document and data migration is required.

KGS Migration4ArchiveLink can be used to thoroughly monitor legal requirements during archive transfers, and provide evidence that all objects have been transferred correctly. With KGS Migration4Archive Link, the migration can be comfortably carried out through a web client, controlling all aspects of a migration project.

The use of KGS Migration4ArchiveLink is independent of the existing archive solution - every SAP ArchiveLink™-enabled archive can be used as a source and target system. The solution allows switching to the new archive right away, at the very beginning of the migration project.

Due to the special proxy server functionality of the KGS migration software, the documents are accessible throughout the migration process, regardless of whether they have been transferred or are still in the old archive.

The KGS Migration4ArchiveLink server manages the document access and the migration independently from any underlying technology and is completely transparent to the user. All SAP ArchiveLink based business processes continue to function as before, without change.

The migration can be carried out easily, quickly and with minimal administrative effort.

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Technical Features

  • Controlled implementation of document and data migrations for SAP archives
  • Full access to documents throughout the duration of the migration through proxy server functionality
  • Independent and transparent management of document access and the migration for the user
  • Fully automated documentation of migration ensures conformity to the generally accepted accounting principles
  • Proactive monitoring with e -mail notification of errors
  • Administration via web client
  • Fully automatic restart following a system interruption
  • Verification option by comparison of samples
  • Parallelizable to optimize the duration
  • Individual security support to ensure secure communication with the archive system
  • Offline option allows optional operation without SAP access

Product Benefits

  • Immediate use of the new archive
  • Intuitive control and configuration from migration commencement
  • Complete traceability of the complete migration process to document-level
  • Current status report at any time
  • Minimization of migration risks through fully automated documentation of migration
  • Interactive error management
  • Support of "special " scenarios , such as SAP work items & barcode documents
  • Compatible with all SAP ArchiveLink ™ certified archives
  • Minimal administrative expenses and effort