KGS ScanServer

KGS ScanServer facilitates the rapid and intuitive management of scan client profiles and scan licenses in a centralized manner. This makes KGS ScanServer the ideal supplement to KGS ScanClient, allowing companies to maintain consistent and centrally organized scan solutions.

KGS ScanServer manages locally created profiles in so-called profile groups. It only takes a few mouse clicks to assign these groups to any users (LDAP account), ensuring that new users can immediately draw on existing profiles. As a result, time-consuming new generation of scan profiles following hardware replacement becomes a thing of the past. Automatic versioning furthermore takes care of keeping scan clients up to date by assigning profiles based on the ‘pull method’, thus doing away with the need for manual assignment. Scan licenses are managed on a per workstation basis, and, here too, direct assignment and release is a simple process.

In addition, KGS ScanServer ideally complements KGS DocumentRouter in order to implement filing scenarios, for instance late archiving with barcode.

KGS ScanServer equally caters to the needs of small companies and international corporations.

Technical Features

  • Communication between client and server via http/https
  • Validated transfer based on MD5 hash values
  • High-availability solution
  • Supports internal or external databases

Product Benefits

  • Does away with distributed profiles
  • Does away with distributed client license import
  • Distinguishes between profile administrator and user
  • User names adopted from ActiveDirectory