The term Salesforce encompasses on the one hand the company Salesforce, one of the market-leading providers of cloud computing solutions, per se, and on the other hand the company unites its cloud-based CRM solutions for the management of customer relationships under this term.

Salesforce creates a platform for companies on which all departments - from sales to marketing to customer service - can work together. The goal is for everyone in the company to have a unified view of customer-related data to create tailored customer solutions and experiences - in short, to strengthen customer relationship management (CRM) and get a 360-degree view of the customer.

Simply storing documents in Salesforce is not only expensive, but does not correspond to legally compliant and audit-proof archiving. The intelligent kgs archive tia® provides an almost invisible middleware between Salesforce and storage and enables legally compliant document archiving. Archiving documents from Salesforce with tia® is not only simple, but also saves considerable costs for a user-dependent storage extension in Salesforce. Archiving can also be performed flexibly in a storage system that is located on-premises or hosted in the cloud.