Audit-Proof Archiving

Audit-proof archiving deals with the safekeeping of any documents in digital archiving systems. Basically, audit compliance refers to the factors of immutability and traceability, in this case explicitly to the archived documents. This audit-proof archiving is prescribed by law and anchored in the GoBD (= principles for proper accounting and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access). In addition, it must comply with further requirements of tax and commercial law principles of the HGB.  

Applied to practice, this means that every business transaction of the company must be traced in the records in such a way that every change, overwriting or deletion can be properly viewed.

Since the introduction of electronic archives, data migrations and document migrations have become necessary for audit security reasons when storage systems/media are to be changed or entire archiving systems replaced. kgs tia® Migration is software for the simple and controlled execution of archive migrations in the SAP environment.tia® enables a company to seamlessly monitor whether the legal framework conditions are adhered to when changing archives, and to provide proof that all objects have been transferred correctly. SAP migration can be performed with tia® either via a WebClient or via a special SAP transaction.