Here at kgs, we get up every morning in order to continue creating our joint success story. Our working culture is based on the following principle: #funfastfocus. We develop the company together, see our successes and celebrate together. We work fast because we have an idea and are curious to see if it works. Or because we know exactly how to solve a task and don't want to waste valuable time. We have a clear goal. That spurs us on and helps us decide what to focus on.

kgs as an employer

Advantages and benefits


We are fascinated with the writing of a part of our company’s history. And this also becomes a part of your career story: with our New Employee Onboarding (NEO), you will expand your own personal network with new male & female colleagues at kgs, with the opportunity to exchange ideas about our company vision in a strategy session with your new CEO. With Accelerate, you will expand your software skills, and your specialist mentors will guide you through the content of your induction & familiarisation. From Day 1, you will bring in your own ideas, discuss them within the team and try them out under safe conditions. Next, you can scale up your results. In your development dialogue, you can discuss your own individual route rather than just travelling on a career motorway.


For us, stable means being able to get results time after time and as planned. And that is precisely what we have been doing for 20 years now: providing a user-friendly, failsafe archive for customers. Customers who come from quite a wide range of fields, e.g. the automobile industry or the health sector. This is made possible by people such as yourself. People who allow their ideas, their know-how and their many years of professional experience in the field to flow into the continuous upgrading of our processes. In the process, everyone is aware: good work must receive its due reward. For that reason, it goes without saying, as far as we are concerned, that a remuneration package has to match not only market standards but also each individual’s performance


Cheerfully lit office rooms, fruit, chai tea, coffee, relaxed conversation: all of this belongs to a culture in which everyone feels welcome. And that also goes for our Alpine ski trips at the end of January, or the autumn trips where we fly to Brussels. There are new topics to be discussed – new ideas. These will translate into topics in their own right. And sometimes we will let our own objectives take something of a back seat in order to support other people. We accept responsibility for our mistakes and allow other people to help us. After all, we do realise that no human is perfect – we want to learn from each other. For you, this means: share with other people what you’ve brought to the table; be transparent about what you have discovered.


Distributed, parallel, incremental: kgs is the hallmark of digital technology, Made in Germany. Representing high-performance hardware created not only as terminals for day-to-day work, but also – and especially – as the backbone of our own private cloud. Enabling rapid prototyping of new ideas. Intuitive software solutions simplify our administrative tasks and are swapped over for more straightforward alternatives with better performance, where necessary. Our aspiration is for your personal flow through our digital environment to be promoted, removing all obstacles – effective from Day 1 – to the mobilisation of your productivity. And that goes regardless of whether you are working from home or whether you have the benefit of direct contact with your colleagues in the office.

Getting away from the everyday humdrum

Info leading up to application

You will have found us on google4jobs, XING, Stepstone, indeed, LinkedIn or the Job Centre. Look through our situations vacant for your new field of development. Send us your CV and your references as PDF files, even without a covering letter, if you prefer. You will hear back from us very promptly.

We’ll have a brief telephone chat to settle the main questions upfront. You will have the option of participating in our online assessment in order to find out what your new duties are going to be. Read this exciting article: hier. We’ll organise a web session with your future team leader. You’ll visit our office in Neu-Isenburg and we can get to know each other personally.

Hooray, you’ve done it! You’ve received your contract of employment from kgs. You’ll take on your new range of duties effective from Day 1, with support – in the process – from NEO, our New Employee Onboarding. You’ll be able to enjoy your benefits and continue your development by virtue of our development dialogues.