tia® unites all product modules into a common vision of the intelligent document archive. tia® stands for a new generation of archiving, can be connected to any applications, storage solutions and cloud technologies.


High Performance Archive,  Viewer and customising via ZADOC - tia® archiving legally compliant and fast.


tia® software for the simple and controlled performance of data and document archive migrations.


tia® Document Router and Scan makes documents from a whole host of sources easily usable in SAP.


ArchiveLink®, CMIS, ILM, Web Service and SAPALink Interface - tia® connects all worlds.


The tia® Content Server is a high-performance archive that was developed specifically for the needs of lean archiving. As a smart middleware, tia® enables legally compliant document archiving, data archiving and archiving of print lists via the SAP standard interfaces ArchiveLink, the new cloud-optimised standard CMIS and for SAP BC-ILM. Of course also with S/4HANA.



In contrast to classic DMS and ECM systems, the Content Server consistently dispenses with functions that are already provided by the ERP.


Storage media are addressed directly by the Content Server, there is no additional management information required.


The archive for SAP for legally compliant document and data archiving plus archiving of print lists via the interfaces ArchiveLink, CMIS and BC ILM.

Further Archiving Modules


The migration software from tia® is available for the simple and controlled implementation of archive migrations in the SAP environment. Data migrations and document migrations have been necessary since the introduction of electronic archives when storage systems/media are to be changed or entire archive systems are to be replaced.


without disruptions

No interference with the ongoing business during the migration; immediate use of the new archive.

any source

data and documents can be migrated from any legacy archive system with minimum administrative effort.

clear audit trails

Seamless, automated documentation of the entire migration process right through to the document level.

Input Management

With the tia® Document Router, a company can make documents from a wide range of sources (scan, fax, e-mail, file systems, external output management or legacy systems) usable in SAP. It is therefore a universal input manager and can be used for all SAP ArchiveLink certified archive, document management and enterprise content management systems.



Harnessing diverse sources – an input manager for all SAP ArchiveLink-certified archive, DMS and ECM systems.

all scenarios

Support of all SAP storage scenarios, including early archiving and late archiving with bar code.

also EDI

EDI data can also be centrally imported into SAP and linked there taking account of legal requirements.


ArchiveLink® is SAP's own interface standard. With the help of ArchiveLink, it is possible to archive documents in SAP in a legally compliant manner. ArchiveLink reaches its limits when it comes to operating SAP in the cloud or when a set of metadata needs to be considered in archiving. At this point, ArchiveLink is replaced by the new cloud-capable standard CMIS. The tia® Content Server speaks both interface languages fluently. The transition from the on-premises world to the cloud environment can also be realised effortlessly with tia® modules.


kgs Standard

kgs comes from the ArchiveLink world. the tia® Content Server fully supports the SAP interface as standard.

SAP through and through

For many years, anyone wishing to archive data and documents from SAP could not get around the standard ArchiveLink interface.

Transition to CMIS

CMIS is a cloud-optimised standard that shakes up the on-premises world of ArchiveLink. kgs knows the transition.

CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) offers numerous benefits for organizations that manage digital content. It is a standard protocol that enables content from different content management systems (CMS) - also SAP - to be accessed and used. By using tia® CMIS, companies can integrate their CMS systems to ensure a seamless workflow. tia® CMIS also helps reduce costs by providing a uniform method for accessing content and minimizing the need for expensive and complicated integration solutions. tia® CMIS also represents an inevitable step for the integration of content management systems in cloud computing environments.


SAP certified

kgs was the first supplier in the market to successfully pass the official certification for the tia® CMIS interface in 2022.

Cloud & on-premise

CMIS is a cloud-optimized standard that shakes up the on-premises world of ArchiveLink. kgs knows the way to transition.

Added value by data

Through the use of metadata, AI, and machine learning, you'll get the most out of your data.

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