tia® closes the gap in the document lifecycle between SharePoint and storage with the new archiving solution tia® Connector. The tia® Connector for SharePoint consistently relies on a lean, complementary component and cloud-native technology and is characterized by its simple, flexible handling for the user.

Why tia® Connector for SharePoint?

The services of the Microsoft O365 Suite are an integral part of daily work in many companies. MS Teams and SharePoint in particular have permanently changed the way we work together. Meetings mainly take place online and projects and processes of all kinds can be mapped with the support of SharePoint. Documents also often play a role in these processes. These are also easily integrated into the collaboration with the aforementioned services - including those that are subject to a legal retention obligation, whereby their immutability must be ensured over a defined period of time. These are therefore classic archiving requirements! The Microsoft services mentioned do not currently meet these requirements adequately.  

tia® closes the gap in the document lifecycle between SharePoint and storage with the new archiving solution tia® Connector for SharePoint. The advantages of the kgs solution? Find out more!


Legally compliant archiving

Documents stored in SharePoint can be archived cleanly and legally compliant with just a few clicks.

Quick implementation

The existing SharePoint repositories and structures can continue to be used, the tia® Connector is set up centrally and added as required.

Safe and secure archiving

To provide additional protection for the archive, the SharePoint cloud infrastructure does not provide direct access to the entire archive, but only to the document via a specially created temporary link.

Customized and automated

Documents to be archived can be selectively determined by the user and archiving can be triggered by the user. Alternatively, automated processes can be created (based on labels or time-controlled).


The flows supplied are fully functional and can be modified, integrated into existing flows or used directly.


All metadata and properties stored in SharePoint (User, Creation Time, Content Type, Content Length, etc.) are transferred to the archive.

Usage-based billing

The tia® Connector for SharePoint is available as a subscription offer and can also be used by existing customers as part of the tia® Suite.

In planning

Thanks to the analog architecture, a real single point of truth can be realized for documents from SharePoint and SAP in the future. Legal holds should also be able to prevent the deletion of documents.

How it works - step by step

1 - The archiving solution was designed for SharePoint Online on the basis of Power Automate and can be used from SharePoint. The users are already authenticated and authorized in this context; all security settings used are taken into account.

2 - A new column with an action button is visible to the user in the document view. This can be used to manually and selectively archive a document. In planning: In future, it will also be possible to enter further relevant data via a form.

3 - With just a few clicks, the document is archived with all relevant information. From now on, the original document is replaced by a link and can be viewed completely securely at any time.

Compliance with a fully integrated solution

SharePoint can be used in companies ranging from simple intranets to complex project management hubs. In all cases, documents are created and shared, regardless of whether they relate to human resources, engineering or manufacturing. Whether due to self-imposed quality assurance or statutory compliance requirements, these often have to be archived. The tia® Connector for SharePoint helps to reliably establish this compliance and create a lean, central archiving platform for companies.

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