From migration from a legacy system through input management to target storage, tia® can be used to represent the complete archiving scenario in the company.
tia® continues to evolve, moving from the traditional mode of operation via cloud-native applications to the SaaS world. There are three tia® lines that differ in their architecture and operating form: tia® classic, tia® core and tia® playground.

tia® is the document and data archiving solution from kgs. The path to the cloud also takes the topic of archiving to a new level. Whether companies are already ready for the cloud, are on their way, or would rather still "ask for directions". tia® accompanies companies on their journey to the cloud and offers a unique means to do so: tia® core. The tia® core product suite provides the optimal foundation for the transition, whether on-premises, hybrid or full cloud - the modules, services and billing modalities are tailored to the requirements of modern archiving.

The classic tia® line is the tried-and-tested classic among archiving solutions. tia® is based on the use of existing, internal infrastructure. Operation is only possible on-premises. Updates and scaling of the stack are possible at any time, but must be triggered manually. tia® classic is being replaced by tia® core.

This is cloud-native software that runs on-premises as well as in cloud environments. This line makes it easy to add and remove functionalities (services, e.g. metadata, log, encryption, virus, more to come) and offers the CMIS interface for the first time. Automatic scaling, special cost efficiency in operation and cloud storage support are possible with tia® core. tia® core offers absolute flexibility for existing and future system landscapes and is therefore the logical step to take now in terms of archiving!

tia® playground is a true SaaS offering - "the archive from the socket". It is a fully managed service, so there is no need to provide your own operating services. Of course, tia® playground is multi-tenant and includes all the functions of tia® core.

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