Emerging from the SAP world as experts, tia® can now be implemented in mixed IT landscapes or even completely independently of SAP as well. It makes no difference whether this is set up on-premises, as a hybrid or in pure cloud environments.

For over 20 years, kgs has been an expert in archiving SAP data and documents. But companies operate broader IT landscapes. Applications such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics also need to be connected to an archive.  

Regardless of which storage or which storage solutions are to be accessed for different scenarios, tia® archives documents to all conceivable locations – from AWS, Azure Cloud, to Dell, Netapp and Co.

tia® enables all possible archiving scenarios from application to storage. It doesn’t matter whether an IT landscape is operated completely on-premises or in the cloud, or whether hybrid systems are used.

tia® is a middleware between SAP and the Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) system. tia® archive system facilitates legally compliant document archiving, data archiving and archiving of print lists via the SAP standard interfaces.

The kgs archive guide provides a real reference work for those responsible for archives, new to archives and interested in archives. Experts explain technical terms and build bridges to practical applications