The greatest added value our customers experience from our professional services is the WOW factor. We are only happy when our customers say WOW!  That exceeds our expectations. That is the WOW factor.

WOW is in the first instance a short, simple word which expresses many things. It is a „universal sound“ which is how expressions which are understood all over the world are referred to. It represents enthusiasm, fun, focus, fascination and an emotional impact. Just WOW!

Anyone who would like to achieve a WOW! must make themselves stand out. Our formula for this: absolute focus on the customer and keep people right at the  centre of our activity. We are sometimes unconventional, we like to be creative and innovative so as to provide our customers with only the best solutions. We do things which go beyond expectations. We want our customers to have something more than added value in financial or professional terms. We would like them to say WOW!

Both internally and externally our WOW! builds bridges where others see none.  We create the WOW! with excellent service and more than 20 years’ experience.  

Specialisation in archiving

Through our characteristic specialism in archiving we can use  all of our knowledge in a focussed and explicit manner. This saves our customers‘ resources in terms of costs, personnel and effort.

Continual further development

In order to get that WOW!  we provide excellent solutions and service. Our consulting and supporter team are always supported in your continued development with a view to maximum performance.

Over 20 years’ experience

Our many years of experience means we know exactly where we have to start so as to successfully complete a project quickly, effectively and for the greatest benefit .  We are  the ultimate SAP archiving nerds on the market

We deliver our product by using a process developed by us called „kgs Lean Implementation“. This hybrid process  model produces continually improving quality without dips or curiosity gaps. We don’t simply turn projects around. With lean implementation we reduce project costs, increase quality, ensure acceptance  and transfer all our knowhow directly to our customers.

Within a short time we achieve the greatest possible added value for our customers. Without „bumps“ the trend is always up and on schedule.  

Our specialisation in archiving, continual further development and our distinctive project implementation reduces the costs for our customers.

We do everything for our customers and everything we process  belongs to our customers – 100% transparency is a matter of honour.  

We bring the WOW effect directly to you – even before you place an order with us. In the early phase of the customer relationship we always recommend  Proof of Concept, abbreviated to PoC. It allows our customers to experience which solutions we have ready and to show that live in the customer environment.

Within the POCs  an experienced consultant shows how kgs can help.  The introduction to this is via a two to three day workshop, where an analysis is produced of the whole environment. We work out possible objectives for a future project and show live how our components can be used.  

To do this we are happy to install our software, you then configure this in line with individual ideas and then simulate current processes with the kgs software. Live migration of data is also possible without anything further being required.

The declared aim of  a PoC is that both sides have a clear picture of the possibilities, to estimate costs and to clarify all technical and organisational questions.   Subsequently there is nothing more standing in the way of a quick and successful project.