SAP archiving costs

Intelligence does not have to be expensive!
An intelligent archive costs your company less than a "stupid" archive!

You can read more about why this is the case below. But this much in advance:

    An intelligent archive offers exactly those functions that are really needed - unlike a DMS or ECM system, for example. Unnecessary ballast of cost-intensive functions can be saved.
    A "dumb" archive forces companies to make new high investments every time they change or scale.
    Only an intelligent archive is future-proof right from the start, so that companies do not have to worry about market and technology developments.

In today's fast-paced world, it is more important than ever that companies have efficient and effective processes in place. This also applies to the archiving of documents and data.

Intelligent archiving is the solution for companies that want to take their document and data management to the next level. Intelligent archiving solutions, like those from kgs, offer a range of benefits, including:

  1.     More efficient processes: Intelligent archiving solutions automate many manual tasks, saving organizations time and resources.
  2.     Improved compliance: Intelligent archiving solutions help companies meet legal requirements for document and data retention.
  3.     Improved security: Intelligent archiving solutions provide a high level of protection against data loss and misuse.
  4.     Fair pricing models: Subscription is the magic word here, ensuring easy budgeting and financial planning. With the rental of software, the ROI is usually already achieved directly. There is no need for large fixed investments.
  5.     Scalable technology: Ever heard of pop-up archives? Thanks to container technology and Kubernetes, intelligent archives can be scaled up or down as archiving volumes change - just like a pop-up tent can be set up and taken down again. This means that services do not have to be held in reserve unnecessarily. It could hardly be more cost-efficient and flexible!
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