Archiving - Basics

Even today in the digital age, when people hear the word "archiving" they think of mountains of file folders tucked away on gigantic shelves. But archiving today is so much more than that - and what's more, with the right solution, it can be intelligent, simple and fast.

"archivum" in Latin and "archeion" in ancient Greek - these were the terms used back then for filing cabinets and official buildings in which important documents and also deeds were stored. Nowadays, archiving usually takes place only in electronic form. Electronic or digital archiving is understood to mean the permanent, unchangeable storage of data and documents in electronic form. Adjectives such as "long-term" or "systematic" are also associated with archiving.

The aim is to use data and documents only occasionally or not at all and still keep them safe and ready to hand. After all, many documents do not lose their significance, but have an important reference character, so that they are indispensable for the company. Some audit-proof and legal aspects but also internal company guidelines have to be taken into account when archiving.