Migration of 6 terabytes of documents in 3 weeks


Previously, TRUMPF relied on a traditional ECM system to archive SAP-related data and documents. However, the system was too omplex, function rich and expensive in terms of maintenance costs compared to the actual purpose of providing documents in the SAP GUI.


The kgs solution focuses on data archiving and storage of documents in an SAP context. This best matches the ERP-centric approach of TRUMPF. In addition, kgs was able to set up a complex, performance-critical infrastructure that connects archive and cache servers with SAP PLM across 15 international sites.


With this distributed archiving architecture comprising archive and cache servers, TRUMPF gains a performance that is vastly superior to a centralized solution. SAP knows every single server, monitors failures and can thus switch over to alternative servers if the need arises.

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Motivation to switch to the kgs solution
Special features of trump archiving
The TRUMPF company offers high-tech production solutions for machine tools, laser technology and electronics. They are used to manufacture a broad range of products including vehicles, building technology, mobile devices and modern energy and data storage systems.
"Apart from kgs, we couldn't find a manufacturer who was able to implement our specific requirements within this unique construct in their solution and who immediately understood what we were about."
Volker Blum
Head of SAP system basic support unit at TRUMPF

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