Archiving with High-Speed


Customer consultants must be able to display 500 million documents stored across an array of different systems on their screens with a click of the mouse.


To accomplish the fast document access, EnBW created a new, global and future-proof archive architecture from scratch based on the ‘kgs Content Server’ core component. The architecture has a strong SAP focus and is thus able to archive and quickly make a vailable all incoming or outgoing digital objects of any format from SAP or any other thirdparty system.


The kgs system is easily adaptable to the existing technical infrastructure. There is no need of additional DMS user management and the system is lean, fast and scalable. There are imports of up to 800,000 documents per day, the support effort is lower and the system behavior is more stable.

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New archiving solution at EnBW
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"Thanks to the kgs solution, we are working with state-of-the-art technology. Document access isvery fast, which is quite a feat, considering that the system has to deal with 500 million documents. What our internal departments needed was a solution that could ensure that any front-end customer consultant taking a call has the required document on screen within a second.”
Armin Rehm
Service Manager DMS

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