April 25, 2024 - German

True to the motto 'Archiving in SAP is not a one-way street', we will be presenting digital invoicing with our partner AFI Solutions in our next #funfastfocusplus webinar. We will show you a solution for all common e-invoice formats that can be used nationally, internationally and for specific industries. Thanks to a high degree of automation, you not only achieve greater productivity, but can also save up to 80% in costs compared to conventional paper mailings. However, e-invoices must also be archived in an audit-proof manner, so AFI Billing and tia® - the intelligent archive combine efficiency and security in the best possible way for you. Manfred Scholle from AFI Solutions and Jochem Brost from kgs will explain exactly how this works. A live demo will give you an insight into the performance and transparency of e-invoicing for SAP.