Data Migration

There are many reasons for migrating data into an SAP environment: Merging of companies, realignment and streamlining of the IT landscape, moves to reduce running costs. A company may even want to focus on the archiving functions required for SAP and introduce a more streamlined archiving solution.

There are many reasons ... but what does migration mean for my company in concrete terms? What tasks and challenges will I face? In this whitepaper you will learn how fast and easy a migration with kgs tia® can be.

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Requirements from an administrative and user perspective

Migrate inside or outside SAP?

How useful are archive migration projects?

Smart data migration with kgs tia® Migration

"The cost ratio was 1:10 - archiving with a competitor's product cost us ten times more than the kgs solution. In six weeks, kgs managed to migrate all our data - to the tune of eight terabytes."
Thomas Holzmann
SAP Basis Administrator / Hensoldt AG

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