Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)

Search and use documents independently of the system via standardized technologies - Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) create a groundbreaking solution for the comprehensive use of document management systems (DMS) and also specifically the topic of archiving. CMIS aims to define a common language that different systems handling content can implement.

The vendor-independent specification CMIS is a standard for different DMS or enterprise content management (ECM) systems. The need for CMIS quickly becomes apparent: the many different departments and divisions all have different requirements for a document management system. Because of the different systems in use, documents cannot be made accessible to other departments or divisions - or only with immense additional effort. The goal of all CMIS activities is therefore to be able to use the various document management systems in use in companies and their documents both internally and externally.

CMIS with kgs: With Apache Chemistry a CMIS library can be used to implement a client application or a CMIS server. kgs has developed tia® CMIS based on the "Java OpenCMIS" library:

CMIS for Java (OpenCMIS) is an API (=programming interface) that can be used on the basis of different protocols (=bindings), such as browser, Atompub, web services (SOAP). kgs has implemented the "browser-binding" so far.

In August 2022 the tia® CMIS interface obtained the first ever official certification through SAP.

Further information
Mehr Infos zu CMIS?
Was das Thema CMIS angeht, gehören wir zu den Ersten der Besten. kgs hat die weltweit erste CMIS-Zertifizierung der SAP erhalten! Wir haben bereits eine komplette Webinar-Reihe über CMIS und Co. gehalten. Diese finden Sie bei den Webinar-Aufzeichnungen.
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