ArchiveLink® is an interface service that is integrated into the SAP Web Application Server. With the help of ArchiveLink, it is possible to archive documents in SAP in a legally compliant manner. A content repository (= logical storage areas on the hard disk in which data can be stored in a structured manner) is required for storing and archiving data sets. Data archived using this interface technology fulfills all the various legal requirements prescribed in the course of digital data archiving.

ArchiveLink creates a link between the archive documents and the associated documents in SAP.  Among other things, ArchiveLink can be used to convert subsequent documents into a previously defined storage system: incoming and outgoing documents, print lists, archive data.

kgs has developed tia® Migration especially for the simple and controlled execution of archive migrations in the SAP environment. With this software it is possible to seamlessly monitor whether the legal framework conditions are adhered to during the archive migration and to prove that all objects have been transferred correctly. In addition, the tia® Content Server also fully supports ArchiveLink interfaces.