S/4HANA and archiving

The world of enterprise software is in constant evolution and SAP S/4HANA is at the heart of this transformation. As the market-leading ERP solution, S/4HANA offers not only speed and efficiency, but also a platform designed to meet the demands of the modern business world.
Why should companies move to S/4HANA?

  •     Real-time analytics: faster decision making through instant access to business information.
  •     Ease of use: A modern user interface that delivers productivity and a better user experience.
  •     Process optimization: Thanks to S/4HANA's innovative technology, business processes can be made more efficient and effective.

However - as with any transformation - challenges are guaranteed to arise!
Your bridge to digitization
Hardly anyone thinks first of archiving software when it comes to the S/4 transformation, but an archiving of existing data and documents as well as a clean concept for archiving in the new SAP environment are an important part of, if not the starting signal for, a clean transition to S/4HANA.

Advantages of using kgs tia® for S/4HANA transformation:

  1.     Business Case: HANA technology is very expensive compared to relational databases. Especially when certain thresholds are exceeded in higher volumes. tia® can initially streamline archiving and thus provide the business case for the change.
  2.     Easy integration: tia® ensures that existing systems and applications can easily communicate with S/4HANA.
  3.     Scalability: as companies grow and change, kgs SAP solutions simply grow with all requirements.
  4.     Support: the kgs team of experts is always on hand to ensure that companies get the most out of their investment.
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