December 3, 2019 from Benny Schröder

From diagnostics to clean offboarding - what steps do you need to take when it comes to implementing or migrating a digital document archive? Many eyes have seen a lot in 20 years of corporate history. In this infographic, we have briefly summarized the proven path of a successful archive project by our kgs Consulting heroes.

1. diagnosis & focus
A frequent starting point for an archiving project is the realization that archiving is in disarray, that the DMS is functionally and cost overkill, that S/4HANA is to be introduced in a cost-sensitive manner, or that hybrid systems that urgently need to be orchestrated are in use.

2. ROI
You can think more freely on a white sheet of paper. First of all, a model is calculated there that suits your own company. Where are the potential savings? What could an attractive investment plan look like - one-time investment or subscription?

3. PoC (Proof of Concept)
Here, a complete analysis is prepared and the proof of concept is provided. A PoC serves as a common assurance that target states can be achieved and investments will work out.

4. kickoff & test phases
Now, one should not "just stumble into the project". A kickoff is for assigning roles in the project, setting a schedule, and ensuring even mundane issues such as user access. Only iterative test phases then enable the constant target/actual comparison and provide the security for a successful migration or archive project.

5. Offboarding
Clean offboarding means performing a real acceptance of services plus a retrospective of the project. If necessary, documentation must be created and software must be trained. However, this part should be as lean as the archive itself and result in everyone feeling "ready" for further archive projects.