March 1, 2018 from Benny Schröder

With kgs WebAPI, kgs is making its successful archiving software available for "non-SAP" systems as well.

The latest product in the kgs product suite is the kgs WebAPI, which is designed as a web service and can be easily connected regardless of the programming language.

This means that any application can now archive or search for documents and data in the content server using modern web technologies. The substructure is therefore the same as that of the kgs solutions in the SAP area, which have been in use for years, and is therefore reliable, fast and has an extremely high performance.

The connection of customer portals is now also possible with simple hand movements and allows the user company - on the basis of the kgs-typical and customer-friendly licensing rules - to set up any solution scenarios.

The only prerequisite for the use of this solution is that the documents are archived with a unique ID, via which they can be found again later. The document can then be displayed or further processed directly in the specialist application/customer portal.

The kgs WebAPI is the ideal link between individual specialist applications and the archiving solution from kgs, which has long been established in the SAP environment.

Using kgs WebAPI and Content Serve, an archiving service was recently implemented at one of Germany's largest energy supply companies, which now provides high-performance access to millions of documents for any number of users.