October 19, 2018 from Teodora Zaneva

The kgs customer presentation by Döhler GmbH at the DSAG Annual Congress 2018 got to the heart of what SAP users are currently particularly concerned about in the area of document archiving: What is the best way to approach the topic of SAP archiving under S/4HANA? Döhler showed a way to achieve success with reduced complexity, and interest was consequently high.

The picture was the same at the kgs booth, which devoted special space to the topics of DSGVO and S/4HANA in Leipzig. The high-performance archive Content Server as well as a new Web Service as a connection of individual specialist applications with the Content Server were shown. The kgs trade fair team was able to conduct numerous, high-quality discussions with concrete customer appointments and thus draws a highly positive feedback from this year's meeting of the members of the German SAP user group.