November 14, 2018 from Teodora Zaneva

In the rooms of EnBW - Energie Baden-Württemberg AG in Karlsruhe at the beginning of November 2018, there was tangible information on SAP archiving, document management in the SAP environment and beyond. kgs had invited to the "Meet Up" and showed the latest developments in the field of intelligent archives.

It was explained how non-SAP systems can also be connected via the ArchiveLink standard interface and how intelligent storage management can be set up with kgs HawkEye. EnBW revealed at the kgs Meet Up how to archive 50 TB and still achieve access times of less than one second. One of kgs' own presentations was dedicated to building innovative storage concepts with premium, conventional and cloud storage using the kgs intelligent archive.

Mindsquare, a kgs partner, explained how the kgs archive can be connected to Salesforce to manage unstructured content and documents and make them easily accessible. The series of events will be continued next year.

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