February 15, 2015 from Benny Schröder

IAV, leading development partner for automotive solutions, switches to kgs archive solution - legal security of archive migration certified by auditor.

The engineering company IAV has replaced its SAP filenet archive with a solution from kgs. The company has had the migration process tested for legal security by its auditing firm and certified accordingly.

With the introduction of further digital SAP document solutions, IAV decided to replace its existing SAP archive IBM FileNet-. The previously heterogeneous system and application landscape was to be consolidated and harmonized with lean and simple solutions. This was made possible by the fast and uncomplicated introduction of the new SAP archive through the kgs middleware solution kgs Conten tServer. The advantage of the kgs archive solution is its lean, platform-independent and integrative approach. For the archive, for example, the database available in SAP is used to store the archive information (links and document information). Storing the documents in IAV's central storage solution is another key advantage of the kgs SAP archive.The consolidation success thus enables IAV to handle document archiving in SAP in a flexible and scalable way.

IAV also implemented the migration of the previous archive documents to the kgs SAP archive quickly, completely and in a legally compliant manner using a kgs product for data and document migration (kgs Migration). The auditing firm RBS RoeverBroennerSusat accompanied the migration process from the very beginning; via the migration documentation and process description, this ensured the legal security of the process at an early stage.

In parallel to the new SAP archive, IAV is in the process of introducing another kgs solution for document management, ZADOC. This universal web solution, which is integrated into SAP, makes both SAP and NON-SAP documents usable in the ERP system. This means that both SAP and non-SAP users can archive ERP-related and any other incoming and outgoing documents in a legally compliant manner on the basis of the existing system landscape without having to use additional "third-party systems".

With kgs, IAV has not only succeeded in creating an SAP-centric solution approach in the IT infrastructure, document-based processes have also been analyzed and successfully implemented in SAP workflow solutions. With the successful implementation of the consolidation and harmonization of the SAP application landscape, IAV enables its employees to use SAP in a highly individualized manner and enormously increases the overall usability and user acceptance of its SAP systems and the business processes running in them.