July 18, 2017 from Teodora Zaneva

The current webinar on the topic of "Archive in the Cloud" offers a very compact overview of what needs to be considered with cloud solutions and how archive projects in the cloud can become successful. Because "cloud" is not a foregone conclusion. The systems run stably, but only if you also know the pitfalls!

In this webinar we will present:

- What to look out for in cloud projects.
- What pitfalls there are.
- What you can learn from successful cloud projects.
- What you should avoid at all costs.

Holger Aumann, Senior Consultant at kgs, knows the pitfalls of archive projects in and with the cloud.

In several cloud projects, he was able to gather extensive experience in this regard.

In this webinar, he shares this experience and describes what you need to keep in mind to make a cloud project a success.