July 20, 2017 from Teodora Zaneva

At the beginning of July, this year's kgs foosball tournament took place with lively participation from the colleagues present. There was a lot of fighting and laughter, but in the end the favorites prevailed in an exciting final.

Benny Schröder and Matthias Rieck won the title with 10:8, 4:10 and 10:9 against Gerd Kowarschik and Thomas Pietsch. After winning the first set narrowly, the match tipped. The challengers had a run, took an early lead and quickly won the set 10:4. Everyone thought that was it! But our champions were able to fight their way back into the game and in the end, youth triumphed over experience.

The reward was a great trophy and a voucher for a nearby shopping center.

The trophies have been given a place of honor on the desks of the winners, reminding colleagues to train hard every day to perhaps be celebrated as champions themselves at the next tournament.