June 15, 2022 from Corrado Sperone

After two years of homeoffices, virtual meetings and attendee-less events, obstacles that we handled quite well, we can now finally get together in real life again! We can meet, talk and have real human exchanges. We can learn from each other and connect to new people face to face. And we are looking forward to this opportunity!

"Auf der Suche nach Erfolg", the pursuit of success. That is this year's motto for the DSAG Jahreskongress 2022 taking place in Leipzig form October 11th til 13th. And in view of times of change this is far more than fancy words... it is a continuous necessity to cope with the dynamic requirements we face in all industries every day.

And more than in any other sector this is true with regards to IT infrastructure and solutions, where the pursuit of success is a permanent state. It is for this reason exactly that for us at kgs we see this pursuit as our core driver. Because this is exactly the challenge we support our customers in!

In occasion of the upcoming DSAG Jahreskongress 2022, where about 3.000 visitors are expected to attend, we are looking forward to a spirited exchange and inspiring discussions with a likeminded crowd of experts and novices, and most of all with YOU!

More detaild about the upcoming event and the schedule can be found here.

We would love to see YOU there!