November 3, 2022 from Corrado Sperone

Maybe some of you may think, especially after the postings with babies, at kgs child labor has spread and we now hire preschoolers in the graphics department ;)

Well, even if kgs has the explicit claim to be inclusive, one would not go so far!

The "new picture language" and the stick figures have two reasons, which are very important for the philosophy at kgs...

The first and most joyful reason is that the colleague who until now was in charge of the design of the graphic elements in communication is now in the great adventure of "mommy"! And that's always a nice thing!

The second reason is that the new colleague currently covering the area for her just can't draw :( So you get an external graphic designer, right? Not at kgs :) Here we believe in challenges and that everyone should get the chance to develop outside their comfort zone.

And that's the reason for the new visual language at kgs!