January 10, 2023 from André Maresch


kgs has experienced at least 2022 WOWs in 2022:

1st through 40th: We have been able to acquire great customers,

41st to 340th: We have intensified cooperation with our existing customers,

341st to 381st: We have the best employees imaginable,

381.: The tia® CMIS interface was the first of its kind to be officially certified by SAP,

382.: kgs has moved - tia® playground instead of standard office,

383. to 392.: we were able to recruit 9 great employees for kgs last year,

393.: we have finished the year economically super successful,

394. to 2022.: 1628 times we smiled at each other and thought: how cool it is to be WE; tia® is simply different from other archiving solutions, we are different from other companies, with games and summer barbecue on Company Day, with regular surprise packages to the home office for all colleagues, with Christmas party at/as "le petit chef" and many more smile occasions.


And NOW: The new year has started, let's do a lot of good and create at least 2023 WOWs!