March 8, 2023 from André Maresch

Who does not know the situation: You are camping with your family, unpack all your backpacks, explore the landscape first and when night falls you notice that the sleeping place is not yet set up. Cool if you then have a pop-up tent in your luggage! As the name suggests, this is an object that "pops up" and builds itself.


We deliver lean and stable archiving software, so what's the connection?


The practical bag, which sets up the entire sleeping area with a swing, is also available in the software world. Thanks to container technology and Kubernetes, which is also known as the operating system for the cloud, files from various sources can be packed into one or more "bags" and then unpacked in the company with just a few clicks.


Container technology allows for a high level of automation and is just one example of the new normal when it comes to “document archiving”.


Maximum automation and flexibility, costs that can be planned, minimal monitoring by DevOps engineers and much more - this is what the final configuration stage "Archive as a Service (AaaS)" looks like. As with camping, you should also plan intermediate steps when planning to convert your entire archive and slowly get used to the new environment.


The connection between old, permanently installed structures and the new cloud world is covered with the kgs product line "tia® core".


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