April 19, 2023 from André Maresch

Expert Talk?: Is ArchiveLink death?, What to consider when switching from ArchiveLink to CMIS? 

Expert Talk on LinkedIn (1:54 min) - (DE)

Excerpt from: Webinar CMIS instead of ArchiveLink: Use Cases with S/4HANA (01/27/2022) - (DE)


What is CMIS anyway? 

CMIS stands for "Content Management Interoperability Services." It is an open standard developed by the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

The purpose of CMIS is to provide a standardized interface that allows content management systems (CMS) to communicate with each other and access content management systems, regardless of their implementation or programming language.

CMIS allows developers to write applications that can connect to and remotely control different CMSs using a common language to access content and metadata.

CMIS is supported by many CMS systems, including Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM FileNet, Drupal and WordPress.


 "And by the way, with tia® CMIS, kgs is the first SAP officially certified provider on the market" ?


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