July 26, 2023 from André Maresch

Winfried Althaus - Managing Director KGS Software GmbH talks about why the switch to the cloud cannot be implemented at the push of a button:

"Rather, it has proven to make sense to realize the migration step by step.

Because the topic of archiving lends itself as a pioneer in this context, we support companies by offering them the option of archiving in parallel both on-premise and already in the cloud.

Parallel operation is particularly useful for archiving documents.

For example, a document archive based on cloud-native software in a new licensing guise can make companies ready for Day X of the big SaaS conversion.

It also has the advantage that, based on this example, those responsible successively learn how the IT infrastructure can be successfully orchestrated across all areas.

With this archiving project and the resulting experience, the optimum basis has been laid for further cloud projects and thus for the entire switchover."

With our intelligent archive tia®, modules, volumes and user numbers can be determined individually and according to need - individual migration packages or services can also be booked.

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