January 29, 2021 from

Yes, the home office is the ravages of time, the home office gives flexibility, the home office is currently even saving lives... Yes, we love our home office. But it's getting annoying and this has to come out today. We think that our culture is something very special. We live from the fact that we maintain a very personal relationship with each other, we stand together in the (real, not virtual!) office at the foosball table or let little drones fly through the rooms. We like to travel, have exciting Face2face meetings in Riga, Spain or anywhere else in the world. We ski together, we party, we get energy from interacting with other people. Besides all the challenges that a pandemic brings to a company, one of the biggest is the challenge of maintaining the culture of a company and making sure that all the teams and everyone continues to do well. @kgs_all hang in there! Reminisce with us.