April 17, 2024 from André Maresch

Under the motto "Archiving in SAP is not a one-way street", we cordially invite you to our next Hashtag#funfastfocusplus webinar!

Together with our partner AFI Solutions GmbH, we will be presenting an innovative solution for digital invoice dispatch. Find out how you can easily use all common e-invoice formats nationally, internationally and for specific industries.

Thanks to a high degree of automation, you not only achieve increased productivity, but can also achieve impressive cost savings of up to 80% compared to conventional paper mailings.

But you also need to focus on security and efficiency when archiving e-invoices. This is exactly where AFI Billing and tia® - the intelligent archive come in to ensure the optimal combination of efficiency and security for you.

In our webinar, Manfred Scholle from AFI Solutions GmbH and Jochem Brost from kgs will give you a live demonstration of exactly how these solutions work and how they can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment.

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