Autonomous archiving - a clarification of terms

May 20, 2020 from Johanna Zinn

When the car was invented, the term "automobile" with the Greek autòs ("self, personal, own") and the Latin mobilis ("movable") emphasized the "self-movable". Paradoxically, however, the automobile was far from being self-moving. In the case of a normal car, there is still an absolute dependence on human guidance. With the next stage of evolution, however - autonomous driving - reliable self-motion without intervention by a living being is possible for the first time.

For the topic of archiving, the evolutionary stages can be drawn analogously as follows: absolute dependence on humans (organization of paper folders), multiple dependence on humans (organization of digitized filing systems) and now humans are also on the way to true self-archiving here - i.e. the intelligent archiving of documents independent of humans. More information on autonomous archiving