Successful migration and archiving of 40 million documents

Initial situation

Energy providers BS ENERGY had been using IBM's FileNet for archiving their data. However, the Company's senior employees were no longer satisfied with the cost/benefit ratio, and were desirous of transferring to a more agile, more integrated and more cost-effective alternative.


Over a number of years, the energy provider had a volume extending to 40,000,000 documents on the Content Management System of IBM FileNet. Because these documents contained data which still needed to be accessed, it was necessary to develop a strategy for migration & archiving which could be applied at a later stage using a more modern archiving platform.


In parallel with the development of the concept to replace IBM's FileNet, a search was initiated to find archiving solutions supporting the SAP environment. Once this requirement profile had been matched with the functions of the smart archiving solution offered by tia®, the decision was made to use  kgs’s archiving solution. In parallel with the introduction of the new system, the process of migrating the existing documents & data was launched.


Following a procedure which took just three years, the process whereby data and a standardised archiving system were transferred to tia® is complete. By contrast with the service-hungry IBM FileNet solution, archiving is now something that runs alongside, requiring the minimum of resources from IT. And its users are pleased about the fact that it's now child's play for them to save and retrieve their documents.

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Archiving solution at BS Energy
Migration process of 40 millions documents
kgs solutions at BS ENERGY at a glance
In the capacity of municipal providers, BS ENERGY and its corresponding subsidiaries cover the basic needs of the town of Brunswick: dealing with utilities such as electricity, gas, remote heat, water, municipal drainage, town lighting and bulb systems; together with grid electricity. The Company was founded in 1851, and has more than 1,200 employees. BS ENERGY is a company from the stock exchange quoted Veolia Group, which has specialised in sustainable solutions in the fields of water, waste and energy management.
"kgs’s archiving solution is a thin, reliable and well-focussed solution which I would not hesitate to recommend to energy companies or any other companies." “
Falk-Michael Schmidt
Agile Lead IT bei BS ENERGY

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