Converting annotations for archiving into PDF documents? Child’s play!

Starting point

An energy group which was planning to transition to SAP S/4HANA intended to carry out – as its first step, in advance of the migration itself – the reliable archiving of its data, in order to reduce the maintenance workload for the DMS system, whilst at the same time enabling PDF documents to be supplemented with graphics and annotations.  


It was a specific requirement, as far as the Accounts department was concerned, that the adding of annotations and graphic elements into PDFs should be as straightforward as possible.  


Thanks to introducing kgs’s tia® H5 Viewer, PDF documents can be supplemented with components and annotations – defined as desired – before their archiving. The results have made life easier for the 1,700 employees regularly working with SAP within STEAG Deutschland.


Whereas in the past it was consistently a tricky business to supplement PDF documents with annotations and graphic components, with H5 Viewer it has become child’s play. No complications are experienced when it comes to archiving the correspondingly enriched documents. And they are already in the appropriate format for any subsequent migrations towards SAP S/4HANA.

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Preparation for a change to SAP S/4HANA
tia® H5 Viewer at STEAG
For more than eighty years now, the name of STEAG has represented efficient, safe energy production and supply at both national and international level. The STEAG Group, in its capacity as one Germany’s largest producers of electricity, holds installed power of approximately 7200 MW, and only 5000 MW (approximately) of that is in Germany. The Company works on the planning, development, realisation, operating and marketing of power stations and their subsidiary products. In addition to custom solutions in the field of supplying electrical power and heat, the Company offers a wide range of energy-related services. A turnover of €2.1 billion was produced in 2019, by a workforce numbering 6,378 worldwide.
“With tia® H5 Viewer we have ensured that PDF files can be graphically edited and given annotations which can be called up at any time, even post-archiving.”
Uwe Pryka
Responsible for the project in the area of ERP systems at STEAG

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