February 28, 2024 - German

The path from on-prem to hybrid to SaaS service for your SAP archiving.

The future is in the cloud - but what is the best way to get there?
In our #funfastfocusplus webinar, together with our partner entplexit, we will show you what options there are for your company to switch from an on-premise or hybrid solution for your archiving to an SaaS service. The focus will be on the options for an SAP Archive Service as SaaS and how this solution can provide you with hosting, archiving licensing and service from a single source. 

Our experts Oliver Greiner - entplexit and Jochem Brost - kgs will give you valuable insights into the various archiving options and answer the following questions:
- Contracts from multiple service providers? Can I also obtain this from a single source?
- At what stage do costs arise for release changes, hardware or maintenance fees?
- Which step-by-step tasks are necessary for an SAP Archive Managed Service as SaaS?
- Can SaaS be a solution to the shortage of skilled workers in SAP archiving?

Register now for our webinar and we will show you the best way to meet your company's requirements when it comes to SaaS services for your SAP archiving.

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