Document Management System (DMS)

A document management system (DMS) is used to store, manage and archive all of a company's data or its entire document management. In detail, a DMS maps the electronic capture, processing, management and archiving of documents from a wide variety of corporate areas such as merchandise management, finance and accounting or production planning. Today, the term DMS has been superseded by the enterprise content management system (ECM) and has since been used less frequently.

The goal of a compliant DMS is to make any relevant documents accessible and editable for all employees of a company in the shortest possible time. Whether invoices, contracts or delivery bills - the DMS captures every format and manages them as electronic documents.   

A DMS brings with it a number of advantages. Especially internal processes can be handled much faster and more uncomplicated due to the prompt retrievability of documents. However, the experience of kgs shows that a DMS can often be replaced by an intelligent archiving solution, as leading systems (for example SAP or Microsoft) already have one integrated. An intelligent archiving solution such as kgs tia® therefore often solves two problems at the same time: documents are archived professionally and can also be viewed in an uncomplicated manner and retrieved at any time.