Single Point of Truth (SPoT)

Literally translated, the Single Point of Truth (SPoT) is the "single point of truth". In IT, SPoT refers to the place where all of a company's data is brought together and stored. The SPoT acts as a central data platform - so all the company's other systems basically access this data platform.

The term is often used synonymously with single source of truth ("the single source of truth") and is used primarily in data warehousing. It refers to a data platform in the company where all business data is stored centrally. Ideally, there is also a bidirectional connection (= data transfer in both directions from point to point) and data adjustments from other systems in the company. This not only prevents the emergence of work silos and the use of outdated data records, but above all standardizes the access and knowledge status for all employees in the company. The aim of SPoT is to create a universally valid, non-redundant database and to ensure the consistency of a company's master data.

With tia®, companies can create an SPoT for their archived documents and - in line with the credo - do so across different applications. In the process, documents are loaded with diverse meta-information, making them retrievable independently of any application.  The intelligent document of the future knows where it comes from, what its retention periods are, how often it is searched for, and also who is allowed to view it.