Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Anyone who deals with the topic of electronic administration and the digitization of documents will frequently come across the term Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

The term is often used synonymously with "document management system (DMS)". ECM encompasses all technologies for capturing, managing, storing, and making available documents and information, with the goal of organizing business processes in a holistic manner. Thus, in a figurative sense, an ECM is a system solution designed to manage all documents and content processed in a company - from a Word document to a PDF to a scan. All this data is stored digitally so that it can be accessed by the right employees at the right time. This significantly simplifies internal company processes.  

Companies often have several interdependent ECM systems as isolated applications. On the one hand, these are expensive; on the other, they require a great deal of administration and provide a poor view of archived documents and data across companies. Modern archiving solutions such as tia® therefore take an independent, more flexible approach. This pure solution makes archive island solutions superfluous and replaces them with a smart archive solution, thus saving high licensing costs.