Archiving in the Cloud

In the course of digitalization, the storage of data in the cloud has become increasingly popular in recent years. In the private sector, we know it from storing pictures, music or videos. The cloud has also long since arrived in the field of archiving.

Archiving in the cloud means that data and documents are stored long-term on an archive system of a cloud provider. The cloud archive can be accessed from any location - all that is needed is an Internet connection. Even if it initially seems as if the data is "far away in a cloud", it is ensured that all data and documents are archived in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner. The Principles for the Proper Keeping and Retention of Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access (GoBD) are complied with by preventing subsequent changes to the documents.

There are numerous providers and forms to fall back on if archiving in the cloud is the goal. The services of the cloud providers also differ in terms of price models, storage space and storage duration.