August 20, 2018 from Teodora Zaneva

On Saturday, August 18, a team of kgs participated in the XLETIX Challenge and mastered the running distance of 12 km with 25 obstacles. The XLETIX Challenge is an extreme obstacle course that has to be mastered as a team. The participants overcome limits - mentally and physically. Strength, endurance, courage, willpower and above all team spirit are what count in this obstacle race. The motto of the XLETIX Challenge is "One Team, One Goal!" because many of the obstacles are built in such a way that they can only be overcome as a group. It took the kgs team just under 4 hours to reach the finish line. It got really wet and dirty. We fought hard, laughed a lot and really lived the motto of the event. The participants helped each other at the obstacles and during the whole run they were super taken care of all around by the Xletix staff. We had an extreme amount of fun and will hopefully be back next year with an even bigger team and a longer course.