November 13, 2020 from Johanna Zinn

Some of his decisive points for joining us were: a very positive first impression, the authentic company vision, the speed of response, the people involved in the process, a very professional onboarding despite Corona.

What also quickly made Christian feel positive was a trusting working atmosphere he found at kgs right from the start: "(...)mutual trust (is) the key factor for a successful, shared future," says Christian. Thank you dear colleague for the interview, which can be read in full here:

How did you come to kgs?

I became aware of kgs and the advertised position via LinkedIn.

Why did you decide to join kgs?

After seeing the job ad and having a positive first impression, I entered the application process with an open mind. The speed with which KGS responded and, above all, the people involved in the process convinced me in terms of people and content. The authentic presentation of the company's vision and KGS as an employer were the decisive factors for me for a future collaboration.

What were your first impressions?

Despite adverse circumstances due to the current restrictions, a very professional onboarding awaited me. What also quickly became clear was a trusting working atmosphere right from the start. After a short time, I was lucky enough to meet my colleagues in person during a weekend trip to Berlin.

What makes kgs different from other companies?

So far, everything that was announced has been kept to 100%. As a new employee, that's nice to see and reinforces my decision in favor of kgs. As a sales person, you like to work with figurative language. Therefore, I would draw a parallel to a relationship, where mutual trust is also the key factor for a successful, shared future.

What it's like to work as a Key Account Manager at kgs?

The opportunity to take on responsibility as a kind of in-house entrepreneur and to be the interface between customers and management is what makes account management appealing to me. kgs gives me the opportunity to act on my own responsibility, to develop freely and at the same time promotes my personal development.

What is the kgs team like?

I'm currently working mainly from my home office, so I haven't really had the chance to get to know all my colleagues yet. However, the colleagues I have had contact with so far have all been, as they say in the Ruhr area, "hard to please".

What are your favorite tasks?

To bridge the gap between my private and professional life, traveling gives me a lot in my private life, both the variety and the occasional challenge. It's similar professionally, where I value exactly these points when interacting with customers.

Describe the kgs atmosphere in 3 words:

Fun, fast, Focus!

Your experience about kgs and the Corona crisis:

Not complaining about problems, but looking for solutions. Unfortunately, Corona had to come first in order to accelerate digitalization in one place or another in our economy or to remove inhibitions towards it.

A pioneer in this respect is indeed the kgs, which, due to the nature of the industry, is showing and taking new paths under these challenges.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Cool action! This is also a way for new employees to get to know each other better despite the distance. Stay healthy!