July 20, 2016 from Benny Schröder

Automotive supplier replaces its previous ECM system and migrates to the kgs Content Server without a sound.

Neu-Isenburg, July 20, 2016. With 1,100 employees, REINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH of Neu-Ulm, Germany, is an international supplier to the automotive industry specializing in the development and production of sealing technology. Since 1993, REINZ has been part of Dana Holding Corporation - a leading global supplier of powertrains, sealing systems, and thermal management products. The expiration of the existing maintenance contract with the previous archive manufacturer prompted REINZ to switch to a modern SAP archiving concept and implement the kgs solution.

REINZ now archives its SAP outbound documents with the Conten tServer. This enabled the automotive supplier to make the leap from a large ECM system, whose functionalities were barely utilized, to a streamlined solution that focuses exclusively on SAP archiving - a viable alternative for the future. REINZ was also able to do away with the previous jukebox and replace it with a (virtualized) server, thus further increasing reliability.

Stefan Burkert, SAP expert at REINZ: "With our previous ECM system, there were always failures and we had to re-archive documents manually. This no longer happens. There is no longer a bottleneck, the documents are written away and that's it. There were also no problems with the migration of the legacy data via the kgs Migration solution. “

The kgs solution is used in the regional Dana data center for Europe in Neu-Ulm, where five plants of the Power Technologies Group business unit run on the SAP system. The company now archives their data and documents with kgs. Stefan Burkert also wants to recommend the kgs solution to his colleagues in the U.S. because it solves the issue of SAP archiving so well.