February 22, 2017 from Teodora Zaneva

Second "kgs Meet Up" at Loewe as a networking platform for SAP users in need of lean archiving.

"ECM for SAP is dead - long live the archive", the title is meant to be provocative. This is the motto under which kgs is placing this year's "Meet Up" networking events, which are consequently all about replacing ECM systems with lean archives. The event on February 15, 2017 at LOEWE Technologies GmbH showed: SAP users have a great need for lean SAP archive solutions without additional ballast.

Loewe had already shut down its old SAP archive solution some time ago and switched to the Content Server as its new SAP archive. The TV pioneer informed an audience of IT managers from well-known German companies about this at its premises. There was also a presentation by AFI GmbH on automatic invoice reading, as well as ample opportunities to exchange experiences with each other and with developers and consultants from kgs. Jochem Brost, Marketing Manager at kgs: "The "Meet Up" is thus slowly establishing itself as a forum for SAP users who want first-hand information about SAP archiving, document management in the SAP environment and archive migration."

The supporting program at Loewe also included a guided tour of the Loewe Museum and production. The participants were thus able to take away a great deal about the history of radio and television technology in Germany. "It's impressive to see the high quality standards with which each Loewe television is manufactured," said one participant. "Of course, this also puts the somewhat higher prices into perspective compared to the competition in the Far East." You could say: with Loewe and kgs, two high-end products have found each other.